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Program Recap: How to Master Emotionally Charged and Highly Demanding Clients

24 Nov 2015 5:12 PM | Joe Dillon (Administrator)

On November 3, 2015, Divorce Coach and Equitable Mediation Services Co-Founder Cheryl Dillon shared with ACR Chicago her tips and tricks for mastering interactions with emotionally charged and highly demanding clients.

In her presentation she asked us to think about life at work and at home and how in virtually every moment of our lives, we are in relationships with clients, co-workers, significant others, friends, family as well as ourselves and how these relationships can either bring us much joy or a great deal of pain and tension.

Given that so many of us interact with emotionally charged clients on a regular basis, it’s often the latter, I would say!

She explained if we leave these “energy drains” unaddressed, they can result in stress and burnout which will negatively impact many other aspects of our lives. Even the relationships we want to have and enjoy. I'm sure we can all think of a friend or family member we try to avoid because they're constantly complaining!

Cheryl then shared with us the principles of Energy Leadership™ and how we could master interactions with emotionally charged people in our lives by knowing what energy level they were, what energy level we were and how to "meet them where they are" by speaking their energy "language." I know I for one walked away with a number of practical tips on how to speak with my clients and I know others did too.

You can learn more about Cheryl and Equitable Mediation by visiting their website or calling her at (877) 732-6682.

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